Yoga Volunteering

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Giving Back through Yoga Volunteering Patti Stevens of Live  Balanced Naturally

1:00 Introduction: Aerobatics, Zen of Las Vegas, volunteering, Patti's travels.

5:23 - Teaching Yoga, Reiki, Qi Cong  as a Volunteer in a Substance Abuse Facility for Women and Their Children.  Low income individuals who have never experienced these types of modalities

9:20 Benefits for Clients: Breathing, meditation, relax, focus and movement.

Patti Introduced Drum meditation as a tool for personal journey in meditation

18:58 - Reiki  is energy work and unblocks energy channels. Clients of the center can attend reiki circles after leaving the facility. A reiki circle is a group where facilitators provide energy release for the attendees.

24:15 - Patti has combined all of these modalities to help others. She has utilised all of these modalities to build a coaching system: Live Balanced Naturally.  Patti coaches women who are at a crossroads of their life  to find the best exercise, to eat cleanly, and to find a spiritual path that is good for them.

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