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2:12 Experience in improvisation and vintage dance instructor. Uses these skills in her yoga teaching. It was a natural progression to move to yoga from these other skills, and yoga fulfils performance and movement for Natasya

3:40 Adds dance movements to the beginning of class to have people start to feel into their bodies. Start with table top and moving and experimenting with movement within the pose

5:40 Students learn to individualise for their own bodies  according to the precepts of Bernie Clark in Your Body, Your Yoga. How Does yoga make you feel, don’t force people into poses.

6:30 Promoting inclusiveness in her studio. Doesn’t teach a certain style or brand. Students come from word of mouth because people are comfortable coming and can be themselves. Gives lots of variations, lots of different levels of yoga. Beginner classes provide the basics so that students can attend any class and feel comfortable. Yin Yoga by Paul Grilley also promotes letting your body find the way. Allow our body to tell us what is right.

10:15 Yoga videos are available. Encouraged by Yoga with Adrien videos to make her own. New endeavour: meditation and transformational online courses. What to affect change as a positive result in students’ lives. Asking what can I bring to the yoga video world that reflects me. Videos are based on loving our bodies, loving ourselves. Loving our authentic person and speak in our authentic voice. Meditation will be the jumping off point to start self-love and healing. All online courses will have a meditation component. But stilling the monkey mind will not be the purpose but rather to acquire a sense of acceptance using meditation.

15:35 Anticipating releases of videos starting with a 6 week course in February 2019 at the latest. Current thinking for the videos will be based on planting the seed concept. Guided meditation to plant the seed to self-love, what are the blocks to self-love, forgiving yourself and others, and then planting more seeds to encourage self-love. Also includes exercises, group, journaling, etc.

19:34 Includes the Hawaiian ritual forgiveness of Ho’oponopono. Realising you are the cause of everything you see in the world, recognising that, asking forgiveness . One form is: I’m sorry, I love you, Please forgive me, Thank you. Accepting responsibility for everything you see is acknowledging we are all one.

23:28 Teaching Yoga to Toddlers Have to go with the spirit of the day, Always manages to get them into svasana. Its very improvisational, take kids on a journey and the kids develop the story.

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Ho’oponopono – Hawaiian ritual of forgiveness