Creativity and Yoga in the Workplace

Creativity, Yoga and the Workplace


2:46 Travel the world as yoga is for everyone. Sharing as much as I know. Interacting with other yoga professionals and sharing knowledge. If I admire a yoga teacher, I want to talk with them. Does guest teaching, retreats on different continents

4:50 Does a full time career and teaches many classes and retreats. Can do both because both serve her. Speaks her truth. Started with 2 yoga classes and now with the demand they have run out of space. A job is something steady, teaches you how to be a better leader when combined with yoga. Both of working and yoga serve her and complement each other.

7:24 Super busy days with working full time and then teaching classes also. You need to rest, to nourish yourself, demanding to constantly give to others, Your activities have to serve you. Uses classes to fulfil her.

9:25 Creativity and Yoga in the Workplace  On the yoga mat, try new poses, not afraid to fail, approach from different ways. In work uses the team approach – anyone can have creative ideas. She tells her yoga students to try a new pose and don’t be attached to the outcome and keep trying variations. Consistently trying because creativity comes from that. Everyone can have answers; more creativity, more ideas

12:00 Yoga teaches to do expect to do it all by yourself, don’t have to be hard, always right, and in your ego space. Yoga has changed her in beneficial ways. She is trying to make it accessible for all.

13:30 Students feel this creativity; team members feel they have learned to accept failure but to keep trying. Allowing yourself to fail. Thinking outside of the box; off of the mat. Step outside the boundaries, and be creative.

15:40 Kremena espouses yoga for everyone; would like to attract more men to her yoga classes, Ages range from 25-40 in Amsterdam. Taught children in Africa, very different teaching, different needs, different poses. Some people taking classs at work have also become yoga teaches. It took time to feel comfortable with the yoga and then to want to become a yoga teacher. Changed the workplace through yoga; more friendly environment in the office. Looking for a permanent space to be able to offer more classes given by different yoga teachers.

19:36 Mentoring – starting with young teachers asking for recommendations for resources. Starting out you need a guide. Goes to young teachers classes to monitor and help them. She is putting an online program together to new teachers. Contact through her website.

23:14 Retreat in Bali in February – Bali program for practioners. Has meditation, easy flow yoga, meals, nature activities, and yoga philosophy. All activities are optional.

27:55 Don’t have to change who you are to practice yoga. What is your intention when you do yoga practice. Find out what serves you, encourage self-development.




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