Why a Podcast

To Change the Face of Yoga?


Podcasts are like little radio shows except that they are available at any time, usually free, and cover a multitude of topics. So much so that almost anyone can find an interesting topic or two.

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular as they can be accessed from mobiles, computers, and pads. Each episode can take from 10 minutes to over an hour. They are one of the newest ways to spread information, deliver opinions, gather a community, or try to change the norm.

Why did I start a podcast?

I have been teaching yoga to over 50’s for 10 years and very rarely do you see pictures of older people doing yoga (and usually when something is billed as yoga for seniors, a young person is demonstrating the poses, misleading and frustrating).

I want to change the general public’s opinion of yoga and also the perception of many yoga teachers (who are usually young).  So that is how Changing the Face of Yoga’s was born – the goal is to expand peoples’ thinking about the diversity of yoga and how it can be used for a variety of populations.

For yoga students

he current perception of yoga is “fitness yoga” or yoga that takes flexibility, strength and athletic ability before you even start taking yoga classes. This perception is so ingrained, that when I meet someone new and tell them that I teach yoga for over 50’s, most of the time they will say “Oh, I am too inflexible to take yoga.” They think they have to start at a high level of fitness to even attempt yoga, which is dead wrong.

Yoga can be adapted to meet most student’s goals and can improve flexibility and strength in a calm and controlled environment for almost everyone. As an example, I trained to teach yoga to people who have brain injury and spinal injury and in a wheelchair.

But not only ability, it is also about age. Some of my students are in their 90’s, 80’s, 70’s and 60’s and greatly enjoy my yoga classes. Why? Because these classes are modified to their fitness level and their goals. Yoga teachers can do that easily if they have had the proper training.

For yoga teachers

In addition to teaching seniors, yoga teachers are teaching a wide variety of students with a wide variety of goals using many teaching styles. The podcast is one way for teachers to talk about the variety of students that they teach.  In the past two months, we have had yoga teachers who teach:

√ children (some on the autistic spectrum),

√ pre- and post-natal yoga,

√ large bodied students,

√ students with PTSD and complex PTSD,

√ yoga coaching to help retirees, and

√ senior yoga training.

Future episodes include yoga for combat veterans, athletes, and recovering addicts just to name a few.

Where to Find

How do you find a podcast you might like to listen to? Itunes has a multitude of podcasts in many categories: you can start your search at https://itunes.apple.com/au/genre/podcasts/id26?mt=2#  and Iheart radio https://www.iheart.com/podcast/ is another source. After finding a podcast that is of interest, you can subscribe so that you will be notified if a new episode is available.

Your choice, your say

In some ways podcasts are the definition of democracy; the public generating the public discourse and their listeners making a choice about what they want to hear from a wide variety of sources. No one has the (yet) authority to muffle these thoughts and you can listen to those that you agree with or those that you don’t. You have the choice.

Podcasts for the month of May:

Retirement coaching: purpose in retirement: http://bit.ly/retire1ctfoy

Retirement coaching: your lifestyle choices in retirement: http://bit.ly/2retirectfoy

Large-Bodied Yogis: http://bit.ly/largectfoy

Training for Teaching Senior Yoga: http://bit.ly/srsctfoy

And I am very excited to announce that with the response from yoga teachers and our listeners, we will be releasing podcasts weekly starting in June instead of every other week.

Is there a topic you would like me to cover on my podcast?

Would you like to join me as a guest on Changing the Face of Yoga podcast?

We also are adding the voices of students to the podcast. If you are a student of yoga and would like to talk about your experiences, I’d love to hear from you.

If so, please leave a comment below or drop me a line at info@yogalightness.com.au

Changing the Face of Yoga - Introduction

Download the podcast here

Hosted by Stephanie Cunningham, a yoga teacher herself who is committed to sharing yoga with anyone, especially the over 50's. Stephanie created this podcast to share how yoga can be practiced by anyone with amazing benefits. Yoga teachers themselves will share their stories; discussing why they teach, who they teach, how students benefit.

Every fortnight or so, we will release a new episode. We will talk with teachers about teaching children, curvy bodies, the elderly but also those that teach yoga to support students with diabetes, cancer and mental health issues.