Burn it down for the nails

Burn it down for the nails with Kristen Krash

1:26 Introduction - Kristen Krash - Yogi for 16 years, teacher for much of that and 2 years ago moved to Ecuador to build a substainable nature retreat.

3:17  - Yoga in the three eras of her life

Student of Yoga, teacher of yoga and as an ecological entrepreneur. For the 7-8 years of teaching, it was very soul satisfying but things began to change. It became very difficult financially, Kristen turned 40 and began looking for a way to change her life. 

She and her partner developed a sustainable living vision for a place in Ecuador. They found some land, lived in a tent for 5 months while they built the first building. She is doing hard, physical labour but yoga is helping her build focus at this stage. It is also contributing to her creativity.

10:44 Burn it down for the Nails

Yoga has changed: lots of competition for students, the veneer of the corporate vision, misbehaving or worse of the "gurus", and yoga for goats, yoga with beer, and yoga and the stripper pole all dilute the essence of yoga.

Burn it down for the nails means to Kristen to find the essence of yoga that should continue and get rid of the "veneer" of competition, odd niches, and the corporate values. 

Unforgiven video by Metallica depicts someone taking their whole life to attempt one thing while they had the key to do the same thing the whole time. Finding the essence of yoga is within all of us; we have the key. Not attending so many classes, building a home practice, and finding the yoga that resonates with you can help you find your own unique key. 

35.30 Kristen now teaches yoga to the visitors to their sustainable living property in Ecuador. Yoga is still part of her life and she is optimistic about yoga. It was helped her immensely when she needed it and believes it can be of help to others if we get to the essence of yoga. 

39:15: Suena de Vida is Kristen and her partner's sustainable property. They have their own protected water source from a spring), it is situated in a tropical rain forest and it is only 3 hours from the Quito airport. They have a guest house, a communal kitchen, a bathroom and a large garden (as well as the spring).