Yoga Moments for Stress

Small discrete practices for stress and anxiety with Stephannie Weikert

1:39 How to make yoga philosophy more understandable with metaphors and stories. Simple postures, and integrate practice into daily routines.

2:50 Stephanie develops simple, but complete practices for her clients based on practicality and do-ability.

3:33 Developed this methodology based on her personal experience of being very stressed and anxious in her early twenties. The stress led to a body focused, repetitive behaviour similar to nervous habits. Introduced to yoga but could not make a consistent time to go to class given her schedule. She would do a simple forward bend, breathe deeply and developed a personal mantra to handle the stress and anxiety. She noticed she became less reactive and more centred. A 3 -5 minute practice can be integrated into the habits of your life and shifts mindset.

9:40 Benefits to students/clients: Two programs - Shift Happens - very basic, practical, doable, and tools to turn practice into a lifelong habit. 45% of daily activities are routines that we do everyday with little thought. Tapping into the science of habit building to turn daily routines into opportunities for a daily yoga practice. 3 steps to building a new habit - trigger, routine and reward. Using these three steps starting very small and slowly building to a practice helps someone integrate a new habit into their life.

32:45 Other course offered by Stephannie is Make Peace with Stress takes more time and delves deeply into self-study, learning to surrender when appropriate to intention setting. Learning what is the real cause of stress and how we deal with it and how we want to deal with it.

42:00 On Stephannie's website ( you can take a stress test to identify your stress type and a short practice for that stress type.

Contacts: website: email: stephannie@makepeacewith FB: Instagram: stephannie weikert