Experiential Learning (+) in Yoga

Experiential Learning with Charlotte Nuessle

2:44 Positive Neuroplasticity -shape your brain throughout your life. Brain tends toward negative -survival mechanism. Brings out negative emotions and fight, flight or freeze reactions. Tools to bring about concentrating on the positive to deepen or grow neural pathways that pay attention to positive. Leads to resiliency. Gratitude practice.

14:50 Experiential Learning definition. Becoming a witness; stand back from negative experiences. Unique to each person and set a unique intention for the class. People don't live in their bodies often; need to get them back in to fully integrate an experience. Develop compassion and kindness for themselves. Examples

24:50 Positive brain pathways plus experiential learning. Culture separates mind, body spirit. Priority to guiding people to connect with their body and feel safe.

31:45 Tuning into one's nervous system: kindness to self, aware of fight, flight response, mentor, yoga practice

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Free online webinar: Tuning into your Nervous System and Healing Trauma - www.charlottenuessle.com On Line Course: Tuning into Your Nervous System (website) Dr. Rick Hanson www.rickhanson.net/ (more info on cultivating positive neuroplasticity)