Flo Fenton – Teacher Training Series 2

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How to find a good Teacher Training Course

2:38 Two types of teacher training:

  1. Maximising profit
  2. Maximising teacher contact

Flo discusses her teacher training experience where she had over 3500 hours of training in 9 months. Most well-known teachers have had similar types of training.

Is the credibility of yoga teachers and teacher training decreased because of the short term nature of teacher training now?

What are some areas to explore when deciding on a teacher training course?

  1. Does the course require that trainees have experience taking yoga classes?
  2. Is the content up-to-date?
  3. Do students have the opportunity for ongoing support after graduation?
  4. Are graduates confident in their ability to teach – have they had the opportunity to practice teaching the public several times during the course?
  5. What is the teacher/student ratio?

19:00 How do you extend the time (andthe cost) of teacher training when most yoga teachers now cannot support themselves with yoga alone?  Yoga needs to become more professional, with specific qualifications, and programs must be accredited sufficiently to assure the public that yoga teachers are qualified.

20:36 Mentoring: Yoga Australia requires that any studentfrom a yoga teacher training course that is under a year must have mentoring to have a full year of training. Provides insight into teaching and the business of yoga.

25:00 Yoga Australia is changing their oversight of yoga teacher training courses. A training working group has developed a process to evaluate yoga teacher training courses. Every course will have a desktop audit annually, one course will have a face-to-face audit, and a grievance process has been developed for both trainees and graduates of teacher training courses as well as the public. There are currently approximately 100 teacher training organisations under the aegis of Yoga Australia.

28:50 Perfect teacher training

  1. Much more lengthy
  2. Requires commitment and discipline
  3. Minimum of one year of contact
  4. Lots of time for students to practice and practice teaching.
  5. Know how to differentiate themselves from other teachers
  6. Must have attended yoga classes for at least a year.
  7. How to maintain students and conduct a business.

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