Ahimsa - Creating Safety

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Ahimsa – a safe class with Christine Wushke

2:40 – Ahimsa – creating a safe environment in class to be a healing space.

Need presence and attunement to your students to receive feedback about how they are doing. Slowing everything down, looking for resistance and blockages.

8:00 – Students not connecting with their bodies and forcing their bodies to do poses

10:30 – Trauma informed yoga. Hakomi trauma theapy. Frontline yoga, teacher is tracking the room for trauma activation.

17:00 – Adjustments in a safe environment

26:00 – Mindfulness (being present in yourself) and bringing your student to mindfulness at the beginning of class

34:15 – Christine talks to yoga teachers: a) use a movement attuned to resistance to allow students to release and b) using organic movement

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email: journeytolight@gmail.com

Website: www.freelyhuman.com

Book: Freedom is your Nature. See it on Amazon or Christine’s website