Anatomy in Teacher Training

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5:35 Maria Kirsten’s method of teaching anatomy: knowing the family around a movement. Donna Farhi notices that in teacher training, students are taught to mimic a shape.

15:30 Spiral of training, teaching, questions, back to training, etc. Especially for short-term teacher training, make a commitment to life-long learning. Driver’s Licence analogy: P, L and full licence. Integration is critical and takes time.

21:09 Maria’s story of her training cycles. Moved towards functional movement (e.g., forward folds, hinge or roll up).

29:00 References: Anatomy courses to explore after finishing teacher training –

Digital courses:

Simon Borg-Olivier, Leslie Kaminoff, Tiffany Kruikshank, Amy Mathews

Workshops: Judith Lassiter, Donna Farhi, Judy Krupp, Libbie Nelson

Yoga Journal articles

Lifelong learning is critical to a yoga teacher. They will need anatomy training at the beginning and will come back for refreshers in anatomy. Going outside your own field can be helpful (Qi Cong, Tai Chi).   But after a while, other aspects of yoga may become more important.

38:21 Yoga and Public Health

Integration of yoga and yoga therapy into the public health system. Maria’s next project is developing a series of trainings for yoga teachers to become health promotion officers. These trainings will empower people to manage their own health and how to collaborate with other yoga and health professionals.


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DVD: Applying anatomy learning as Maria videos a class she teaches. Can get the DVD by contacting Maria through the website.