Changing Retirement

Introduction to Peter Nicholls – the Australia's People Gardner

3:30 Define leisure: use to be defined as opposite to working hard and being successful. Many thought it was a competitor with working for one’s time. Peter defines it as the Creative expression of your natural talents for the sheer, intrinsic pleasure of the experience. 

Times are changing: stressful life, people are looking for ways to cope. When you find yourself  intent on something you love, you find the real you. This is a way to cope with aging.

Peter mentors people to have a positivel retirement. Women vs Men look at retirement differently. Men may be very reluctant to retire because they believe they will lose their identity. Women much more open to working through their emotions/feelings about this change and what it really means.

Start planning around mid – 50’s as people begin wondering what they have achieved and is it what they want. Wondering what they want to do with the rest of their life. But people are changing their attitude from working for money to planning their life to let them explore their interests and ideas.

21st Century Thinking: individuals are thinking in 24/7, not 5 day workweek. Boomers are changing the appearance of retirement – aging well, keeping mentally and physically healthy, active. And where does work (if it does) fit into this.

20th Century Thinking: governments, big institutions that work and making money is the only ladder to success.  So there is a disconnect between what individuals think and want and what public policy and societal norms are saying.

Individual shift in thinking is examining their lives and finding the things that they are good at and what they enjoy doing.  Find what they enjoy, who they really are, work is only one aspect of the whole.

19:39 There is an emerging global aging well revolution. It began because of age discrimination. Everyone ages from birth to death. Aging is on a continuum; from linear, chronological aging to looking at wisdom and experience. But the issues of aging well are the same issues of every age maintain good physical and mental health, maintain activity, etc.  People want to age well all of their life.

23:10 Boomers may be the last that followed the traditional trajectory of work. Younger individuals are looking at the work life as something quite different: what do they want to learn, do and become what they want to be at any age  instead of working in a traditional manner.

25:40 Getting pre-retirees to look differently at their life: life is like a 3 course meal: entrée = schooling, main = work, dessert = post work. Transition from what you have to do and a little of what you love  to do to doing what you love most of the time with a little of doing what you must. Exploring what you love to do becomes important.

29:18 What about those disappointed about being retired. They have to decide what they were good at, what they enjoyed doing, and how can they still do those things. Perhaps giving back to the community, helping younger generation by transferring those skills to them. Is there something I can do to help someone else using my innate skills and knowledge?

33:00 Peter’s book: A Hunger to Grow: How to Enjoy the Dessert Years of Life: available on Amazon in print form, e book and an audio book. To receive a signed book, contact Peter by email.

38:40 Getting back to nature is really important to grow as a person.



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