Feminine Retirement

Maria Paterakis The Feminine Experience of Retirement


3:00 Resource for women approaching retirement or retired. Retiring with Joy – Filling the World with Feminine Sunshine. Changing the stereotypes of women as they age – not our grandmothers, our great-grandmothers.  More educated, healthier, more energy. Use to be traditional mind-set about retirement – it no longer fits.

4:30 Barriers for older women: stereotype. Retirement for stay at home women is very different as the home is the workplace and retirement may be less of a change. Women have traditionally been carers and may take over their retirement and can take over their plans. Stuck between two sets of individuals that may need care: grandchildren and parents/children/spouse with health problems. Government is quite happy to have women provide care instead of funding it. Women may feel cornered into caring; trapped into a caring role. Have to incorporate own needs: have to set boundaries, reconnect with who you are, stop putting yourself last. Maria has built a support group to have women in this position of retiring or already retired to talk about this phase of life and to share or learn about resources. FB live on Tuesday 1:00 (Brisbane, Aus time) for Tuesday Joy Tips on (retiring with joy tv on FB) about retirement and living with purpose and passion.

17:05 Online program to launch March (ish) 2019 for women to plan their retirement. Not much info on emotional/social well-being planning which is the beginning of retirement planning. Engage with yourself to find passion and purpose. The program consists of three parts: a) personal growth, b) legacy – what will you leave behind, c) connection with others to create meaningful relationships. What is the community that you want to serve.

21:26 20-30 years of retirement: after you do a holiday from retirement and then a holiday from your holiday, etc. What are you going to do that is fulfilling? May be retiring but still have something important to contribute.

23:06 Women are now going into a new realm – retirement – that had traditionally been in the male environment. First time a large number of women are retiring as they primarily worked in the home before.  Female retirees are well-educated, career women, and often well-paid. Not the male paradigm of retirement but how to create a retirement  that meets female needs. Traditionally the female lifespan has been education, sporadic working interrupted by caring for others and this caring can and often does extend into retirement. But everyone should have a choice about what they want to do in retirement including the amount of caring they want to give.

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Email: maria@retiringwithjoy.com

FB: Retiring with joy tv Can join support group through this group, see the retiring with joy Tuesday Tips and Monthly themes on FB live. Zazzi women: role models for female retirement. (coming in 2019)

Instagram: #retiringwithjoy