Purpose in Retirement

Purpose with Alexandria Agresta

1:41 Introduction to Alexandria and Purpose Pioneers

Started her own company to teach business leaders how to a build a community based on values. Then created Purpose Pioneers; to experience real time fulfillment which feeling fulfillment now. Not waiting for some thing to happen to be fulfilled. Experience a sense of wholeness now. Purpose in retirement is not an end, but a beginning. Purpose is most needed in life transitions like retirement. Need clarity and directions based on purpose to take the next steps.Purpose is always evolving throughout your life and plays a crucial role in all stages.

7:30 Finding purpose as your retire

Ask questions: What activity brings you the most joy? When you help someone, what does that look like and how does it feel? What are some joyful experiences in your life? What do you want to do (not what you are expected to do)? Draw the boundaries  around what you want your life to be.

9:30 What is transformational? When helping others, transformation occurs. Change occurs. What do I want to do that results in that transformational change? It is the power of asking: ask questions, get them to talk about it to harness their thoughts to find purpose.

10:45 Systematize purpose: purpose drives our lives. Most understand purpose is important but don’t implement it in their lives long term. Need a mental framework: harness our thoughts in a linear framework to make sense of things. Embed your purpose in how your think, speak, act so purpose doesn’t fizzle away. 1st thing to do for a fulfilled retirement is to get clear on the values and purpose in life. Do you value integrity, family, community, etc.? Then use those values to make decisions.

14:02 Given that retirees may be older, have lots of experiences, lots of different purposes over time, how do they get to essence? Ask yourself: Are you willing to challenge your beliefs/assumptions of the world to be the highest version of yourself?  Life is challenging, hard but are you willing to challenges everything you know and believe to be the highest version of yourself? Living a purposeful life is not easy.

18:08 Purpose Frameworks:

a)    In communication

b)    Self awareness

c)    Values

d)    Breaking through fears

20:30 Retirement is a transition period where society norms may give no assistance. Know that retirement is the part of your life that could be the m? Lots of opportunities for helping others, giving back.  Know that you are worthy, have value, are unique, and know your purpose.




Alexandria offered to be a resource for anyone interested in delving into their purpose