Day to Day Retirement - Introduction

Introduction to Day to Day Retirement

2:05    My retirement started with:

Round the world bicycle tour, January 1 2000, in September, came to Australia for Sydney Olympics. Partner decided to stay in Australia to explore further, and I went on to Asia. On returning to Australia, my partner wanted to extend our visa for a few months to further explore. I agreed, and a few  months later he want to live here more permanently. I agreed, but I didn’t understand that the visa we received did not allow us to work. I was forced into an unexpected, unplanned and very unwanted retirement in my early        50’s.

Retirement activities: yoga, more bicycle tours, rehabbed an old house, but not very fulfilling. The visa restrictions eased and I completed general and   specialised training in teaching yoga to seniors. Started classes and then in 2017 started a podcast to expand the perception of yoga. I found it incredibly satisfying and felt I had found my niche.

7:25    Starting another podcast on expanding the perception of retirement. Baby boomers much healthier than previous generations and will live longer. Retirement 20-30 years. Previous generations’ retirement – short rest before dying.

8:30    What is retirement now? How does it look? How do we find fulfilment and purpose for the decades of retirement? How do we contribute, find social interaction, maintain healthy bodies, minds and emotions?

9:30    First 18 -24 months are honeymoon period. Do what you want, when you want. Using your time and pursuing activities are at your discretion. After that you may want more of your retirement.

11:15 This podcast is a connection tool to hear about other peoples’ retirement journey, find new ideas, to absorb new ideas, etc

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