Bart Astor - I like being older

Bart Astor - Early Baby Boomer, Author and Funny

1:16 Intro: Bart Astor; author of AARP Roadmap for the Rest of Your Life and the Baby Boomers Guide to Caring for Aging Parents

3:00 What You Are Now is What You Were When  -

Early teenage years starts the development of their own values. Critical events for Bart’s development was the JFK assassination and he left home to travel with a group. Both events made a deep impression and he is still interested in politics and travelling.

7:31 What is my life now and how does that relate to who I am now? How does it affect retirement?

8:44 Baby boomers work is not over – first must differentiate from early and late boomers. The experiences are very different for those born is 40’s and early 50’s compared to those born later. Can’t lump the 18 years together as far as experience goes. The draft was a major part of his life as a young person, the Viet Nam War, but for younger boomers these were not relevant. His experience is rare in that he knew no one that was in the military and went to Viet Nam; he and his friends had deferments because of school. Doesn’t know anyone on the Viet Nam Memorial.  I knew guys that went into the army, served in Viet Nam, and some came back very damaged.

14:58 1968 – a miserable year: 50 years ago at war, Tet Offensive, Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, Chicago riots and it still affects us. LBJ not running for president resulted in Nixon elected.

17:45 A slight detour into “Those Were the Days My Friend”  but loves being older can’t do some of the things I really like to do – like team sports. Old is good – I expect some respect and I think I get it. Younger people offered to help set up a large umbrella at the beach as Bart’s group was struggling. Accepted help; learn to accept help. Is one new skill to learn as we age

22:00 Smoothness in our lives now; not true as teenagers. Envied people who knew what they wanted to do in lives as teenagers. Bart has travelled from career to career but has brought a set of similar skills to each.

25:05 Bart’s description of a Fulfilled Retirement:

  • Can choose your own goals, but make no value judgement about those goals (choosing goals as I see fit, not judging myself)

  • Can change goals as want to do new things or as new ideas occur

  • Quality of life matches your lifestyle

  • Open to new possibilities

30:50 Contact details:

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