Day to Day Retirement Podcast


Day to Day Retirement podcast
launched in September 2018.

In this podcast, Stephanie Cunningham, host of the successful Changing the Face of Yoga podcast,
will be speaking with people who have made retirement an exciting, challenging and purposeful part of life.

Many podcasts talk about the financial and medical issues of retirement. These topics are well covered so you won't find them here. Instead, we want to show you how to make the most of your well earned experience, wisdom and well deserved freedom.

We talk with people how have created new companies, new careers, or new charities in their retirement. Others have tackled big dreams and achieved long held goals. All our guests are redefining, or changing the face of,  retirement - making it a time of growth, achievement, contribution and purpose. 


I talked with the vibrant Emily Levenson about using yoga to help with the major transitions of retirement. Great fun being on the other side of the mike! Plus I so love talking about both yoga and how to create a fulfilling retirement - I am so passionate about both!
I also talk about my journey from worker bee, yoga student, yoga teacher and now podcaster.  

Need some tips on how to have a fulfilling retirement. Please listen at

I was recently on another podcast called "Rock your Retirement" podcast about how to retire to a different country. After living in the US all my life, I retired to Australia. This podcast talks about my experience and what I learned. 

Check it out here:

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If you wish to be a guest on Day to Day Retirement podcast, please click here.