About Stephanie

Are you interested in participating in yoga classes specially formulated for over 50's or, if you are a yoga teacher, in training to teach over 50's classes. I specialise in yoga classes and yoga teacher training for mature adults classes. If you are interested in taking these over 50's classes, check out the classes tab. The training tab gives information about  on line courses and mentoring available for yoga teachers wanting to expand into this area.

I decided to teach yoga to seniors when I helped my Mom with her lower back pain due to arthritis. My mom is a little firecracker who is always in motion and we all have to move fast when she starts walking to keep up with her. However, I noticed that she was walking very slowly and looked uncomfortable. We did some gentle yoga stretches and stretched the lower back muscles. Slowly the back pain faded and she started moving normally again - and once again we are all trying to keep up with her. It was very satisfying to be able to help someone move without discomfort.

My qualifications include: 250 hours - Byron Yoga, 500 level - Yoga Coach, and for my training in senior yoga - Completed workshop, special project, online courses and was a conference presenter to become a Certified Senior Yoga Teacher. My training was at Duke Integrative Medical Centre in the US.  You can also contact me directly through the contact button.

I have a strong personal desire to support all people who wish to maintain their quality of life. For that reason, I especially enjoyed my time at Duke Medical Centre where medical experts discussed common conditions, diseases, and medications associated with aging. Armed with medical information provided by medical experts, I learned to develop yoga poses that stabilise and augment the physical, emotional and spiritual life of my students.

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