what to expect

Yoga is not pain or discomfort; it is knowledge

I teach in a manner to encourage students to begin to be aware of or to increase understanding of their bodies. You have choice in my class. You can choose the modification that is best for you which may include not doing any pose. I will provide modifications for almost all poses and will encourage you to play with poses and move and experiment with placement of your feet, legs, arms, torso to find a place that feels ok for your body.

We will learn breathing techniques to increase your awareness of your breath, the way you breathe and to improve your energy levels. Learning savasana and meditation will give you tools to help with stress and to learn to relax.

I design my classes: to provide connection between students,  to feel safe,  to build trust among teacher and students.


Spring Term 2017

Weekly Theme:

18th October              Neck

25th October              Bone Health

1st November          Core Strength

8th November          Breathing/Energy

15th November          Back

22nd November         Joints/Arthritis

29th November          Mindfulness

6th December          Knees/Hips

13th December          Restorative

The theme is the same for all classes but each class will be taught to the level of fitness in that class.

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