Restorative Yoga with Leslie Kazadi

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Restorative Yoga with Leslie Kazadi
2:40 Definition of Restorative Yoga vis a vis gentle yoga. Blanket term from
the Iyengar lineage of long hold but not very passive. Yin Yoga -long holds
relaxing into gravity. Restorative – invokes relaxation response Go into
parasympathetic system. Relaxation response – rhythmic device (i.e., breathing)
& non-attachment to intrusive thoughts. Body supported, relax easier.
Prop Wizard- use props to support body to relax.Look for places where
tension is held. Lots of poses in restorative; different for different teachers.

12:53 End goal of restorative: relaxation response and embodiment.
Many people are estranged from their body and our
senses. Listen to our senses.

16:10 Seniors live with pain and may ignore body sensations. Their senses diminish,
Strong external focus or internal focus ignoring body sensations.
Yoga designed to enliven sensory experiences.

19:27 “structural situations” sounds less permanent than problem. Choose language carefully as words
can invoke unexpected reactions. Using or not using Sanskrit in class and why.

29:56 Contact Details:
Twitter: @leslielovesyoga
Instagram: #leslielovesyoga
FB: lesliekazakiyogatherapy – search for Leslie Kazadi for video classes

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