new to yoga

Are you new to yoga practice, and a bit concerned that you will be expected to mould yourself into complicated shapes and jump around? Yoga Lightness believes in promoting yoga practice for everyone. Yoga can be appropriate for all ages and Yoga Lightness specialises in classes for seniors and those with a wide range of ability.

Through use of modified and appropriate poses and sequences, Yoga Lightness offers a mat based class for those who are able to get up and down from the floor – without expecting you to undertake practice in a way that compromises the limitations of your movement, whatever they may be.

Another option, for people with more limited mobility, are ‘Chair Yoga’ classes, allowing you to experience the many benefits of yoga practice, whilst using a chair or other appropriate support.

As with all Yoga Lightness classes, your individual needs and abilities are respected and embraced to allow you to experience yoga practice in a manner that works for you.



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I contributed to an article on exercise for over 60’s. If you are interested in different ways to exercise and benefits of each, click this link: