I have decided to continue my training by completing the 500 level of Yoga Alliance training. I’ve chosen Yogacoach for two reasons. I looked at several possible training offerings but I’m most interested in the therapeutic aspects of yoga so a syllabus that deals with therapy was my first requirement. Then I needed something that would let me continue teaching my classes and still take the course. That was the difficult part. (This particular course allows me to take most of the course in three weeks (in Bali!) and then three four day weekends within about six months.) I’m very excited about enhancing my knowledge of yoga. Most importantly, I can continue to teach my classes with that kind of schedule. If you are a solo teacher, it can be difficult to find time to do training or anything else that requires taking significant time from teaching.

New Studio

First of all, I have rented a different studio for my yoga classes. It’s quite gorgeous with wonderful views. Now my students are saying how much better it is than the last studio. So even though as a teacher we are looking for certain things, we do have to keep in mind that students may not rate as highly what we think is important. And students may not let you know that they don’t like the space. So even though the last place had lots of wall space, the new place is much preferred by the students even though it is more difficult to find enough wall space in larger classes. The ambience of the studio is probably much more important to the students while we are looking at technical issues. So finding a studio that meets both needs can be a challenge.

16 July 2012

I have returned from the first part of the training in Bali and I am very excited about the approach that was presented. It places asana as part of the system instead of the primary emphasis it has in many of our classes. The approach returns to the original focus of yoga to the teacher and student working together to reach the student’s goals. It looks at the student holistically: body, lifestyle, energy levels, and ability to find and implement new purposes while ridding oneself of old baggage. Something that everyone can use – I know I certainly can. I have three more training modules but I am very excited about implementing this new system of yoga!

February 2013

Graduated from my 500 level course. I really liked the idea of looking at the totality of yoga instead of just the asanas. We studied physical assessment, improving postural problems, increasing energy through concentration on breath, using the healing qualities of meditation and learning coaching skills to help people meet their goals. I’ve decided to concentrate on retirement goals since I retired quite early and found it very difficult.

June 2013

Attended Therapeutic Yoga Conference at Duke Medical Center – Integrative Medicine. Presentations on movement disorders, breathing, helping individuals with dependencies, integrating music with yoga, etc. It was very exciting to see how the graduates of the Therapeutic yoga program had taken the information and were applying it in a variety of venues and helping individuals with a variety of issues.

October 2012

After working with the nice people at the Australian Association of Yoga Therapy, I had the workshop with additional hours for a mentored project approved for Yoga Therapy training hours. The International Yoga Therapy Association has just increased their training hours and have the option of taking training for special populations – like seniors, pregnant women, and children. So I feel like I’m meeting the need with my course!